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Affiliation à l'Office National de Sécurité Sociale (ONSS) sous le numéros 1322642-52 / Enregistrement en tant que SPRL sous le numéro BE0885.823.103 / LC TOUCH est membre de la Confédération Construction. Cette association représente le secteur de la construction auprès de nombreuses organisations et instances de Belgique et d’Europe.

La Confédération Construction

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We intervene for projects of renovation or development of professional spaces in Brussels and surroundings, whether your offices are free or occupied.

We also take care of restoring the office spaces at the end of the lease!

LC Touch offers several specialties:

Refurbishment of premises before rental

You change the tenant and your premises need a refresh? LC Touch organizes all the necessary works and guarantees competitive prices and fast turnaround time. During the rental of your premises on the market, we take care of the restoring rental status according to your needs
We carry out all the coordination necessary for the good progress of the work and this as soon as possible.

Paint and Wallcovering

We apply all types of paints on all types of substrates: Brick walls / Coated walls / Coated ceilings / Woodwork or Ironwork (Doors, Window frames, Skirting ...) / Floors (Parking floors, Flooring or Wooden Flooring. ..)

Laminate flooring and Technical Flooring 

Supply and installation of carpet slabs or rolls of all brands and all types.
Laying carpet slabs more suitable for office trays

Partitions and False ceilings 

Supply and installation of any type of partition, fire resistant partition (RF), plaster and removable ceiling, supply and installation also of any type of doors (door to paint, sliding door, FR door, security door)

Acoustics = we also supply and install equipment and materials for acoustic treatment

Electricity and Data

We take care of general electrical work and compliance of new buildings or renovations as well as network cabling

LC Touch is a renovation company grouping several specialties:
Painting in buildings | Wallcovering | Vinyl and Lino Rug Flooring | Parquet | Partitions | Faux-lafond | Plumbing | Electricity |
Technical Faux-Floor Slabs | Rental Office Tray Retrofit | Renovation of Stairwell | Painting and Tracing Parking.
Our services are as well intended for Private as for Professional Sectors such as:
Property and Office Managers | Administrations | Hospitals | Hotels...